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  • What is EcoBoostFT™ ?
    The power of Nature. Naturally occurring enzymes that we use in different part of the downstream oil industry, from the bioremediation of oil to the use in transportation and power generation fuels. The inclusion in fuels as mandated by the Ghana National Petroleum Agency remain on specification. The use in different and novel locally produced fuels have also been closely monitored by the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency.
  • How does EcoBoostFT™work?
    The enzymes in EcoBoostFT™ cleave long-chain hydrocarbons This can be simply put as keeping fuels straight from the refinery in refinery condition, stopping the various hydrocarbon components from forming some other bond, particulate or contamination. Once a state of equilibrium is achieved, the enzymes catalytic action inhibits radical change. In heavy fuels already in the market, more desirable changes in viscosity and or density would be seen, in distillates generally the ignition quality is improved.
  • How does EcoBoostFT™ produce better fuel economy, reduce emissions, reduce soot, and lower exhaust temperatures?"
    Its the Stoichiometric ratio of Fuel to Air. Cleaning up the fuel delivery side, restoring fuel filter porosity and delivering correct atomisation of fuel molecules produce the above.
  • Are there other reasons to use EcoBoostFT™?
    CAPEX and OPEX. A $250,000 excavator is worthless if it suffers from fuel related breakdowns, such as the failure of a $80 injector. The common denominator is Productivity. Reliable equipment be it boilers, a bus or train service, or power generation want consistency of production. Continual use of EcoBoostFT treated fuels should allow the shift from expensive ad hoc maintenance to predictive based maintenance.
  • Will overdosing on EcoBoostFT™damage my engine?
    No, though it’s a waste of money to do so.
  • What is the shelf life for EcoBoostFT™?
    The standard EcoBoostFT shelf life, when stored properly (that is, not exposed to ultra violet rays of the sun), is between three (3). and five (5) years.
  • How long can EcoBoostFT™ keep my fuel stable?
    EcoBoost Fuel Treatment Powered by XBEE Technology can stabilize fuel quality in storage condition for over 12 months without compromising it's quality.
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